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Mini-Quantum technical file

Distribué par Asia Tek and Rebreather

  • Weight (without tanks – without lime): 14 kg.
  • Weights with 2x2 litre steel tanks, lime: 19 kg.
  • Can be operated in eCcr/emCcr/mCcr modes with varying tank sizes that are easy and quick to assemble.
  • Lung directly located against the diver’s back in order to optimize breathing.
  • 10 litre loop volume.
  • 2.5 kg lime storage tank.
  • Electronics stored in the head, but can be easily accessed for maintenance.
  • Direct gas circulation, no bend to fluidify the circuit.
  • 6 Sensors possibles (2 x 3 sensors) pour 2 ordinateurs et/ou afficheurs de PpO2
  • 6 possible sensors (2x3 sensors) for 2 PpO2 computers and/or displays.
  • The SPX42 display runs off a rechargeable battery.
  • 1 HUD (Head Up Display). Green every 15 seconds to signal that it is working correctly, red if running outside of lowest or highest recommended values.
  • Manual and ADV (Additional Diluent Valve) diluent booster.
  • Manual oxygen booster.
  • Fisher output that can be connected to other brands of computers.
  • Dive Rite Optima casing.
  • Full Trimix Gradient Factor computer in colour LED.
  • Possibility of having 2 partial Pressure displays.

Price excl tax: 11,116 USD (excl transport)
Optional: Carbon tanks 800 USD
Carbon chassis and backplate: 2,480 USD

Mini and Quantum

Summary of the possible original configurations with this operating mode:

  • eCcr mode, full electronic management with several Setpoints.
  • mCcr mode, mechanical management with PPO2 Management by the diver.
  • Hybrid mode, electronic management with Minimum Setpoint, linked to minimum oxygen management.
  • Scr mode. Use in semi-closed mode with Nitrox mix in both tanks.


Mechanic or electronic version with master computer.


  • Ratio 1:25
  • Feed pressure: 10B
  • Minimum filling time for a 3L tank from 100 B to 200 B: 90 seconds
  • Operating temperature: -15/ + 60°C
  • Maximum humidity level: 70 %
  • Maximum pressure: 300 B
  • Delivered in a case with hoses and pressure gauges
  • Price: 3,375 USD
  • Total weight: 15,2 kg

Carbon scuba diving funs

  • Price: 350 USD