HSDC Network

Dive centers for users of Submatix rebreathers

The idea behind this network is simple. HIPPOCONSULTING is training more and more rebreather divers, and so we had to find a solution to help everyone to exploit their equipment. Until then, the three or four annual trips were enough, to help these “Rebreather users” to travel and exploit the Submatix, but considering the growing number it is no longer possible.

Hence the idea of ​​creating a worldwide network of centres hosting the Submatix Recyclers of the HIPPOCONSULTING Network. H.S.D.C. was born. The HSDC was founded.

Arimair Plougastel (29), France www.arimair.fr
Club sous l’eau Saint-Raphaël (83), France www.clubsousleau.com
Corsica Diving Center Maeva plongée Porticcio (2A), France www.maeva-plongee.com
Diving Attitude Egypte Hurgada, Egypt www.divingattitude.com
Ecole bretonne de plongée technique Bretagne, France www.popeye-plongee.com
Epidive Greece www.epidive.net
Espace Mer Giens (83), France www.espacemer.fr
Hippoconsulting Lorgues (83), France www.hippoconsulting.com
Manta Club Bandol (83), France www.manta-club-bandol.com
Nomad Océan Aventures Oman www.discovernomad.com
Plongée Recycleur Var La Crau (83), France www.plongee-recycleur-var.fr
Prodive Monaco www.prodive-monaco.com
Polydive La roche en Brenil (21), France www.polydive.fr
Saint Mandrier Plongée Saint-Mandrier (83), France www.saint-mandrier-plongee.com
Serial Divers Saint-Barthélemy, France www.serialdivers.com
Sports Med La Garde (83), France www.sportmed.fr
Submatix US Florida (US) www.submatix.us
Tek Dive Experience Marina Taina Tahiti www.tekdiveexperience.com


It is all very well to train divers to use rebreathers and sell them kit. But a study we carried out in 2011 showed that many divers find themselves with little support once they have completed training and returned home.

This goes against our vision. Helping divers use their SUBMATIX rebreathers is crucial for us. Too many divers or instructors look for dive centres where they can practice their passion. A rebreather diver is not simply a Tek and deep water diver. We aim to dispel this myth.

90% of our customers are recreational rebreather divers, photographers, biologists, or simply divers looking to explore peacefully, in the same motion space as recreational open circuit divers. They also like to take their rebreather with them when they travel.

Dive centres are not always aware of this sort of practice, and often refuse these types of customer out of ignorance. As such, we have proposed the HSDC concept to several centres who will welcome you in good conditions.

A “Hippo-Safe-Diver” Dive Card is currently under review in order to recommend rebreather divers to centres within the HSDC (Hippo-Sub-Dive_Center) network, and also in order to provide the training course and number of dive hours completed, and rebreather background.